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Just from speculation, I'm assuming there are 7 palaces. Finally, make your way into the fourth room where you'll find a Shadow, a lever to lift the bars from the door, and a safe room. You're getting close to the treasure! Rated "M". You can solve this one with the following directions: West, south, east, east, west, east, north, west, panel. There shall be an execution, but not of your own and not one of death. If you want, you can fight them, but you should be able to sneak by them to the door. Tech Support.

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Find it and take it down to get the Randy Right Eye. Finally, make your way into the fourth room where you'll find a Shadow, a lever to lift the bars from the door, and a safe room. Once you've defeated the Herald of Death , continue up to the next set of paths.

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I needed Makoto in my party and another one in back. Take it on to get what it's protecting. His Persona, Captain Kidd, is weak to wind. In This Wiki Guide.

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Was this guide helpful? Very powerful Shadows will spawn all of a sudden to guard the door. It's that, this time, it was for a dumb reason. They will reset after going into the safe room.

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Kamoshida has no weakness, but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve. Use your minimap to position yourself. However, unlike the last mini-boss, the Apocalyptic Guide does have a somewhat higher susceptibility to critical hits to make the fight fairer. In this next room are one Shadow and one door. Head into the next hall and either bypass or fight the two enemies in it to get to the door at the end of the hall. Carry on down the path until you reach the next puzzle. It will also be able to use two actions per turn.

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In this next room, start by jumping down the ledges to the floor below, but watch out for the Shadow that's patrolling down there. This one has no weaknesses and will use Heat Riser to power up all its stats as well as Charge, making it extremely deadly! You will then discover Kamoshida's perverted shrine to his victim, Shiho Suzui. The shrine contains something sinister.

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However, once you've cut the veins, it'll use new moves:. There are no puzzles in this Palace and it is a very linear path to the end with progressively harder mini-bosses along the way, so prepare! Finally, make your way into the fourth room where you'll find a Shadow, a lever to lift the bars from the door, and a safe room.

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