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Without Charley, last-minute changes and costly delays put a ratchet in the works. As the NHRA opening looms, Boyd and the crew get off track with the completion of Vern Hildebrandt's '34 roadster when the engine builders have a difficult time finding the old parts to finish their work. But according to Miles's biography, she was asked to leave the company because of issues with Boyd's wife, Jo Coddington. At the same time, Boyd is asked to take on another project by a construction company that wants a unique promotional tool - a '31 Model A truck. He worked at Boyd's very first garage, which was at Boyd's home at the time. With a shrinking staff, Boyd is forced to hire some new guys to help out with the build. Bluebear's attitude is starting to show and he is picking on Jimmy, so Boyd organizes a fun boxing match to relieve some of the tension. Shoppers complain Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's have 'ruined Christmas' by delivering their festive orders

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Cookie policy. Duane returns to the shop, and tempers flare when he finds out that the car still is not done. Despite offering to return after the work was completed, Boyd said it was a gross breach of trust and told him never to come back. Three weeks into the project, the team finds itself running several days behind an already tight schedule.

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Then, just as the crew is getting started, a feud emerges between Bluebear and a newcomer that turns into all-out warfare in the hot-rod shop. The first annual Boyd Coddington collector-car auction is getting close and the team races to complete three cars. With the '61 Chevy Impala Bubbletop way behind schedule, the body shop works overtime to try to get it back on track. Boyd stalls the crowd until the car is finished, and when the Sting Ray finally rolls out in front of the anxious spectators, it's a huge success for Boyd and his loyal team.

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The builds finally complete, Boyd unveils the new masterpieces at Camp Pendleton in Southern California to boost morale among Marines being deployed to Iraq. Episode 47 '61 Impala Bubbletop Part 2 of 4 8th May The guys continue working on their latest project, a '61 Chevy Impala Bubbletop, but they get behind schedule when they run into some problems. Everything starts coming together and the car gets into shape, including some custom surfboards. To meet the Woodie's deadline, everyone pitches in, despite several hotheaded stand-offs.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Tensions run high as everyone scrambles to meet the deadline. Episode 30 Hildebrandt Car Part 1 of 3 20th May Vern Hildebrandt brings his dad's '34 roadster into Boyd's shop to be restored to the condition it was in back in Before she can attempt the mph record Jo must first earn her licenses in a car she hasn't driven before. Episode 51 '40 Ford Part 2 of 3 17th July The Coddington crew continues working on their latest build, a Ford. Select and click the options below to expand the page and view the details. Messages: 17, Location: Birmingham. Is Betelgeuse preparing to go supernova? When the same old problems return, Boyd introduces the crew to his own version of positive reinforcement: a military boot camp to get everyone into shape. Boris Johnson's dog provides boost for pet accessory firm by modelling its products 'Season of goodwill?

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Episode 54 '36 Roadster Part 2 of 3 9th October Work continues on the Ford, staying on schedule is harder than expected. Traditional touches abound, including a front-mounted moon tank, a louvered deck lid and conventional wing-style gauges. Mayer has not yet responded to requests for comment from Dailymail.

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The garage continues to add speedster style to the Impala and to build a matching one-off motorcycle also requested by the client. Having lost some of the recent hires in the shop, Mike steps up to work on the taillights and has some trouble adjusting to working side by side with Lee. The pressure mounts when their momentum is stymied by a freak snowboarding accident. When the wheel shop closes its doors, Diane has a hard time leaving it all behind.

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